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Julian Reeves

Julian Reeves has been writing, playing and recording for over thirty years. Self-taught, he lives in the Golden Valley and fits his composition in between horticulture, teaching and training, charity advice and family life.

Julian has reels and reels of partly-finished recordings and reams and reams of ideas and sketches. He's done some work for TV, had works played in Bristol and London, auditioned for the BBC, entered Eurovision, written the soundtrack for some short films and led a Jazz-Funk group in Bournemouth.

He's realised it's time to finish things off, so that's the current ambition. The time has come for some serious self-discipline. The Hereford Three Choirs Festival community choral project The Gathering Wave and the Saints and Sinners project have provided excellent opportunities to submit some finished ideas. Julian looks forward to working with local performers and would love to collaborate with lyricists and librettists.

Included on Julian's webpage is a selection of some extracts of songs, film soundtracks and a piece written for Ensemble Sine Nomine.

This is available free for download, but if in return you would like to make a small donation to Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust it would be very much appreciated.

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