Saints in general (any saint's day)
textSancti tui Domine florebunt sicut lilium § SSAATTBBPatrick Dunachie
Sancti tui Domine florebunt sicut liliumSATBAndrew Morris
Sancti tui Domine florebunt sicut liliumSAT*BDavid Wyllie
The Blessed Virgin Mary
textAdam lay y-bounden §SATBPeter Fletcher
textFelix namque es Sacra Virgo MariaSS KbdJulian Robbins
textHail Mary full of grace §SSATBPeter Fletcher
textOf a rose sing we, mysterium mirabileSATB KbdJulian Robbins
textThrenosa compassio dulcissimae Dei matris §SATBStephen Gowland
Saint John the Baptist Octave of Feast Day, 24th June
textEt tu puer Propheta Altissimi vocaberis §SATBStephen Gowland
textUt queant laxis resonare fibrisSATBDavid Wyllie
textThen said they unto him; ‘What art thou?’SATBJulian Robbins
textThou shalt call his name JohnSATBDavid Wyllie
Saint Ethelbert (c.779 - 794) Octave of Feast Day, 20th May
textLift we now on high our voice §SATBStephen Gowland
Lift we now on high our voice §SATBAndrew Morris
textAs pilgrims in search of new life§SATBDavid Wyllie
(no text)Saint Ethelbert was blest with such great pietySA*T*BDavid Wyllie
textRegis Ethelberti sortem cantemus amaram §SA*TBAndrew Morris
Regis Ethelberti sortem cantemus amaramSATBDavid Wyllie
textKing Ethelbert's perdition §SATBDavid Wyllie
textThe Story of St Ethelbert §SATBFrances Pullen
Saint Thomas Cantilupe (c.1218 - 1282) Octave of Feast Day, 2nd October
textHi sunt sancti tui omnipotens Deus bone §SATBStephen Gowland
Hi sunt sancti tui omnipotens Deus boneS*ATBAndrew Morris
Hi sunt sancti tui omnipotens Deus boneSATBDavid Wyllie
textSalve Thoma pastor bone §SATBFrances Pullen
textFrom England gleams a light on earthSATBDavid Wyllie
textSicut fragrant horto lilium §SATBStephen Gowland
Saint Mary Magdalen Octave of Feast Day, 22nd July
textBeatae Mariae MagdalenaeSATBStephen Gowland
settings from the writings of Thomas Traherne (c.1637 - 1674) buried 10th October
textA life of Sabbaths here beneath §SSAATTBBAndrew Morris
textHark how remoter Parishes do soundSSAATTBBDavid Wyllie
textHe in our Childhood with us walksSATBStephen Gowland
He in our Childhood with us walks §SA*T*B*Frances Pullen
He in our Childhood with us walksSATBDavid Wyllie
textO Divine Love the sweet harmony of souls §S*AT*BStephen Gowland
textSweet Infancy §SATBDavid Wyllie
textThe Cross is the House of WisdomSATBDavid Wyllie
textThe Sun must burn and cannot chuse but shineS*A*T*B*Patrick Dunachie
The Sun must burn and cannot chuse but shineSA*T*B*Andrew Morris
The Sun must burn and cannot chuse but shineSATBDavid Wyllie
textWhy should we not spend some time upon Holy DaysSATBDavid Wyllie
Diamond Jubilee pieces (2012) ~ 6th February ~ 21st April ~ 9th June
textBehold O Lord with favourSATBFrances Pullen
textSing shepherds all §SATBStephen Gowland
Sing shepherds all §S*A*T*B*Hannah Roper
textVivat Regina ElizabethaSATBDavid Wyllie
textA Stranger here Strange Things doth meet §SABJulian Robbins
A Stranger here Strange Things doth meet §S flute KbdDavid Wyllie
textHark how remoter parishes do sound §SSAATTBBRobert Peate
Hark how remoter parishes do sound §SSAATTBBDavid Wyllie
textI am linked to this countySpeaker, KbdJulian Robbins
textI come from haunts of coot and hernB KbdJulian Robbins
textPlynlimon's kites survey her birth §SATBJon Watson
textThe County boasts of Wood and WoolS KbdJulian Robbins
textAdam lay y-bounden §SATBPeter Fletcher
(no text)The tree of life my soul hath seen §SATBAndrew Morris
textUpon an island in the farthest west SSATBRobert Peate
textThe Cider Song §SATBFrances Pullen
textBlow wind to where my loved one is §AB KbdJulian Reeves
Blow wind to where my loved one is ST KbdDavid Wyllie
textBy these two stars my life is only ledS KbdJulian Robbins
textCold blows the wind on my true love §SATBDavid Ventura
textI lovèd her of all the world admired §A KbdJulian Robbins
textI propose to end my days in a tavern §SATBJulian Robbins
I propose to end my days in a tavern ST KbdDavid Wyllie
textMeum est propositum in taberna moriSSAATTBBPeter Fletcher
textMix the dried fruit together : sultanas, raisins and currantsSATBDavid Wyllie
textPlain roast pheasants nicely servedSATBJulian Robbins
Plain roast pheasants nicely servedSATBDavid Wyllie
textWe're bored with wine and Bacchus too §TTBBDavid Wyllie
II Instrumental pieces grouped by instrumentation
CHILDREN'S BAND - violin, woodwind, guitar, keyboard
Blackbird SongFrances Pullen
Cobwebs §Frances Pullen
Holiday timeFrances Pullen
Hurdy GurdyFrances Pullen
Jack's Song §Frances Pullen
New Year's EveFrances Pullen
November nightsFrances Pullen
Picking raspberries §Frances Pullen
The Beauty and the Bounty §Andrew Morris
Border Morris Dance §Robert Peate
The Burlington Morris Dances §David Wyllie
Variations on ‘Tom Bowling’ §David Wyllie
The Lover's Ghost §Anthony Powers
Ratcliffe Highway §Anthony Powers
‘Pantomime’ for four horns in F §Robert Peate
‘Viderunt omnes’ by Pérotin, arr. for 13 instruments §Robert Peate
‘Beech’ for 31 wind instruments and percussion §Andrew Morris
‘Light’ - string trio§Andrew Morris
Adagio from Quartet in A §David Wyllie
String quartet in Eb § Allegro, Adagio, Minuet & Trio, RondoDavid Wyllie
‡ text by Thomas Traherne* occasionally divisi § recorded - see composers' pages
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